Recycled Timber Furniture Course
8 weeks
Tutorials AND supervised sessions


This eight-week course is a mix of practical, applied lessons and supervised workshop sessions at The Shed. Participants will learn how build their own piece of furniture, from scratch, using recycled timber.

At the end of eight weeks, you will be able to:

  • Design a piece of furniture to your liking

  • Choose your materials and tools

  • Use hand joinery techniques

  • Sharpen and maintain your tools

  • Choose and use the correct finish

Completion of this course will provide you with the necessary skills and know-how to help you make your own timber furniture.

Starting Sunday 1st of March


March - 8 spots left
February 2020 - SOLD OUT
October 2019 - SOLD OUT
July 2019 - SOLD OUT
February 2019 - SOLD OUT


Is this course for you?

The Recycled Timber Furniture Course is for anyone who wants to learn how to design and make their own piece. This course is designed for beginner to mid-level woodworkers. 

Ideal candidates:

  • People starting out, curious about furniture making

  • People who did some woodworking at school but need a refresh

  • People who are competent in the workshop but want to pick up some new skills

As an added bonus, you'll also walk away feeling good about helping the planet thanks to our use of recycled timber.


Eight week overview

This course involves three weeks of instructional, hands-on learning and five weeks of supervised workshop time at The Shed. For the supervised sessions, each week participants may attend either a Wednesday or Sunday time slot.

Week 1

What should I make? 
Sunday 9am to 4pm

Learn the basics of furniture design and what to think about when putting together a concept, including choice of materials and finishing.

We’ll go on a field trip to a recycled timber store and discuss different types of timber, including what to look for when buying timber.

Week 2

Woodworking 101
Sunday 9am to 1pm

The first session on the tools!

You’ll be introduced to all the power tools in the workshop and the the basics of using machinery.

We’ll discuss and try out some basic woodworking techniques.

Week 3

Joinery and hand tools
Sunday 9am to 1pm

You’ll get a chance to try out and learn some standard joinery techniques (handmade dovetails; mortise, tenon, and biscuit joints)

Tool sharpening and hand tool care

Week 4

Supervised Session
Sunday 9am to 1pm

Week 5

Supervised Session
Tuesday 5pm to 8pm

Supervised Session
Wednesday 5pm to 8pm

Week 6

Supervised Session
Tuesday 5pm to 8pm

Supervised Session
Wednesday 5pm to 8pm

Week 7

Supervised Session
Tuesday 5pm to 8pm

Supervised Session
Wednesday 5pm to 8pm

Week 8

Supervised Session
Tuesday 5pm to 8pm

Supervised Session
Wednesday 5pm to 8pm




Your tutor & mentor


David made his first stool in the 1970s, when he was seven-years-old. That was the moment he caught the woodworking bug.

In the 80s, he restored European antiques, worked on early Australian settler furniture collections, and made various pieces of furniture for private clients.

The 90s was spent crafting contemporary furniture, hand-making parquetry floors, running a recycled timber yard, making industrial furniture, and managing a fine art gallery.

The 00s included bespoke furniture projects, private woodworking commissions, rebuilding a wooden boat from the 1940s, and being a counsellor.

For the last 13 years, David designed joinery and loose furniture for private clients at Poliform, Richmond. During this time, many student groups came through the showroom for workshops and industry sessions on furniture and joinery. This included topics like sustainable design ideas and manufacturing techniques, lower impact material, and finish choices.

Sharing knowledge, mentoring, and empowering people to be creative is what he loves to do. He is already sharpening tools ahead of the eight-week Recycled Timber Furniture Course! David is expecting a wide variety of people and skills, and is intrigued to see the range of projects that participants will make for themselves at The Shed.


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Do you provide the timber?

For this course, participants will have to purchase and bring their own outside of course registration fees. We will be visiting a recycled timber yard in week two, which can be an opportunity for you to purchase your material. Just make sure you budget for this, so there aren’t any surprises!

Do you provide the tools?

We provide all of the power tools you will need to prepare your timber, such as a drop saw, jointer and table saw. We also have a table router, if needed. You will need to bring your own hand tools for joinery, such as planers and chisels. Once signed up, we will send through a detailed list of what you will need. It shouldn’t be too expensive, and you can quite often find quality second hand tools at a good price. Plus, hopefully after you take this course, you'll want to have your own set so you can continue your woodworking.

I don’t know what I want to make, can you help?

Absolutely! We will send some inspiration prior to the course starting, and we will also explore design possibilities in week one.

I know what I want to make - is that OK?

You're definitely welcome to come prepared with an image, a plan, and ideas. Your tutor will help you turn it into something real.

I think my project will take longer than eight weeks, what happens if it does?

The Shed can offer discounted use of the workshop for all students who need extended use of the space.

I can’t pay it all now, will you take part payments?

Yes. We can take a deposit upfront to secure your spot, and payment in instalments is fine. We do require full payment to be made 2 weeks prior to Week 1 in order for us to have you start. Please contact us at hello@theshedmelbourne.com.au to arrange. Please note: deposits are non-refundable if a cancellation is made.

Do I need to organise my own travel for the field trip?

We hope that we can carpool or even get a van for the day. We’ll organise these details closer to.

What do I need to bring?

Apart from your hand tools, you will need to be prepared with appropriate clothing, closed in shoes (preferably steal cap boots), and a sense of humour!

How many people will be in the class?

Our class size is maxed out at 8 people. We hope you're ready to make seven new friends!

What if I can’t make it to a supervised session?

No worry, we realise it may be hard to commit to every session. From weeks five to eight, we have purposefully scheduled two supervised sessions each week. Hopefully this flexibility will allow you can come to at least one session a week.

Can I organise to have my timber delivered to The Shed?

Definitely. We can provide details to those who have signed up.