Meet us. A couple of mates building something real.

Jason is a chippy and furniture maker, of Irish blood. He brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise and is keen to show others the ropes. You can find his work over at @wilde_designs.

Dan is a hobbyist maker and furniture enthusiast. By day he educates for entrepreneurship, by night he is busy getting The Shed off the ground.


The inspiration. All great things started in the shed.

Growing up I spent my summers at my Nana & Grandads house in a small Queensland town. Grandad had a woodworking shop in the backyard. The Shed. This is where real magic happened. That man taught me that anything was possible. Everyone needs a place where things can be dreamed up, built and admired in completion. A Shed to work in is hard to come by.

Dan Sleeman - Founder


Join us. We’re looking for professional makers, tutors & new mates.

As we grow we’re looking to connect with the woodworking community in Melbourne. Do you want to come and teach a class? Or maybe you want to run an exhibition or event? Let us know.